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Aviation and Military Archaeology may cover almost any form of research into or collecting of artifacts connected with the history of aviation and military relics.

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Mitsubishi G3M Nell
Update on 26/7/2002 :-

This is a wreck believed to be from G3M Nell which identical from tail parts and the engines. So far we don't find any parts which can led us to the right path.

So far some large parts found in 1996 were missing or lost due to scrap activities on the site. Now the area was cleared for palm plantation but the 2 engines and small parts still remained. I don't know what happen to the 7 crews member but possibility still entombed on the ground wait to be found.

Terkini pada 26/7/2002
Bangkai pesawat ini dipercayai dari Mitsubishi G3M Nell yang dikenali dari beberapa bahagian yang hampir kepada G3M Nell ini seperti bahagian ekor dan enjinnya.

Beberapa bahagian lain telah diambil oleh orang ramai untuk dijual sebagai besi buruk dan kawasan bangkai ini telah dibersihkan untuk dijadikan sebagai ladang kelapa sawit. Mayat kesemua 7 krew nya masih tertanam di kawasan ini.

This wreck has been found by logging workers near Kuantan. About 25 miles west Kuantan. When we found it first, we think that it was from Aichi Val Dive bomber but after a deep research on it, revealed that it was not Val at all.

Bangkai Pesawat pengebom Jepun ini telah dijumpai oleh pekerja balak 25batu dari barat Kuantan. Pada ia mula dijumpai, kami menganggap ia kemungkinan sebuah pesawat pengebom Aichi Val namun setelah mengkajinya, ia tidak dari jenis tersebut

It turned that we found human remains on the wreck based that we found 2 pairs or flying boots. One of the interesting that we found so far was several radio equipment which installed at the aircraft. Others artifact that we found was one light machinegun ( Lewis copy ) which badly rusted. It used drum magazines..The wreck was not intact and was upside down which submerged in a swamp. 

Kami menjumpai sebahagian rangka manusia pada bangkai pesawat tersebut dan kami menjumpai beberapa bahagian dari radio yang dipasang pada pesawat tersebut. Selaras senjata Lewis .303 dijumpai yang menggunakan kelopak bulat sebagai tempat untuk menyimpan peluru. Bangkai pesawat ini musnah teruk dan ia terbalik dan terbenam di dalam paya.

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Additional Info :

On December 9, nine G3Ms of the Genzan Ku attacked Kuantan from 5,000 ft. They were attacked by a Hudson returning from a mission, and the pilot was credited with a probable (an observer on the ground reported seeing a plane on fire and two parachutes deployed).

The next two attacks were carried out by eight G3Ms, which convinced the men on the ground that one had been shot down. In fact, this was a second formation of G3Ms, from the Mihoro Ku. And this G3M, that might well be the plane claimed by Flt Lt Ron Widmer who shot it down.

Flying Officer Widmer belonged to 8 RAAF Squadron, which was equipped with Lockheed Hudson reconnaissance bombers. He flew A1617 on 9 December and was credited with shooting down a G3M probable at Kuantan. On 31 December he is shown as flying as navigator aboard a PBY Catalina of 205 Squadron.



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