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Aviation and Military Archaeology may cover almost any form of research into or collecting of artifacts connected with the history of aviation and military relics.

If you have any information about any war relics and air wrecks in our country, please send an email to me malayahg@gmail


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New Page Redesigned [15.5.2006]
A new page being updated since the previous website being shut down. Most of the info will be updated. Keep in touch
Westland Dragonfly XB 253
Small and reliable helicopters engaged in CASEVAC duties in Malaya. Crashed near Cameron Highlands

WW2 Places at Kedah
Covered Jitra, Gurun and Asun disaster for 11th Indian Brigade at Kedah

WW2 Places at Selangor
A small unit of 3/17th Dogras, 1/14th Punjab and British Battalion cannot hold Japanese advance west of Selangor coastal area.

Gloster Meteor Wreckage
A new jet introduced by British in late 1950's but one crashed near Rengit

WW2 Places at Negeri Sembilan
A first battle contact between Australian Imperial Forces and Japanese at Gemencheh Bridge and Gemas.

Bristol Brigand Updates on Postwar Section
Bristol Brigand losses RH815, VS859 and VS838 were online

Valetta Updates on Postwar Section
Vickers Valetta WD160 lost at Mount Ophir

WW2 Places at Pahang
An isolated east coast defence position were quickly overrun by series of flanking movement of Japanese troops which took heavy casualties on British side.

B-24 KL654/R
An additional updates for B-24 KL654/R Liberator research.

Valetta VX491 crashed near Tanjung Malim
Lost on leaflets drop sortie at Cameron Highland on 22 August 1957

About MHG page was online
You can learn more about our team members

Updates Additional info on G3M Nell wreck at Kuantan
Updates on additional info on G3M Nell wreckage which earlier found by MHG and recovered.

Updates on RAF Dakota wreck at Serendah
Updates on RAF Dakota wreck which went lost on 12 November 1948.

WW2 propeller identified
Updates on ww2 propeller found at Pangkor Island

Additional info on WW2 Places
Updates on ww2 Bridge at Buloh Kasap and Gemas

RAF Dakota KN630 recovery
Latest info about Dakota KN630 and her crews remains were recovered

RAF Valetta VX525 revisited
Valetta VX525 revisited with new photos and story.

New page Postwar Places
A new page linked up to postwar places around Malaya.

Fort Brooke now on Postwar Places
During the Emergency, it was protected by machinegune emplacement, barbed wire around the perimeter and now was abandoned.

Recently rediscovered World War 2 Tebrau Airfield
Built before ww2, used by Japanese and later abandoned after war. Recently it was re-discovered back by MHG.

Updating Battle of Parit Sulong at Johor page
A major setback of British strategy. Being cut off at Parit Sulong Bridge, Lt Col Anderson ordered his men to escape south leaving the wounded to the Japanese.

Updating graves photo of Brigand RH755
Added graves photo of RAF Brigand RH755 which crashed at Lenggong Perak.

An Aerial Drop Container was found
Carried by RAF Liberators and drop behind enemy lines to supply Force 136

Liberator KH326/X was found
KH326/x from 357 Squadron went missing on 6th June 1945. Discovered by Royal Scout Fusiliers on 16th July 1955 and rediscovered by MHG in 2010.

Updates on Military Personnel died lists during Malayan Emergency
Updating list of RASC Despatchers who killed during Malayan Emergency.

Paroi Camp added  to the Post War place section
Paroi airstrip used during the Emergency

Bristol Freighter crash
RNZAF Bristol Freighter crashed near Cameron Highland

Bristol Sycamore wreckage
Bristol Sycamore wreck found near Belum Forest

Baling Peace Talks
Baling Talks between CPM and Federation of Malaya to end Malayan Emergency

Dakota KN630 update
Update on Constable Muhammad Abdul Jalil remains.

Bristol Sycamore XJ381
Written off during heavy landing and found again by Alan Leary

Fort Betau
Constructed during 1958/59, it was the last jungle fort to be built.

Dakota KN630 final burial
Recovered on November 2008, they were finally buried with military honors at Cheras Commonwealth Cemetery.

Liberator KL654/R final burial
Recovered on July 2009, they were finally buried with military honors at Cheras Commonwealth Cemetery.

Updates on Bruas Dakota
We managed to tracked down American Transport Plane Dakota C-47 at Bruas jungle.

Valetta VX521 crashed near Ipoh
Adding new information of Valetta VX521 which crashed near Ipoh.

Japanese Ki-48 found near Pagoh
Japanese Kawasaki Ki-48 wreckage found in the swamp near Pagoh.

Then & Now Photo Page added
Wartime photos with current places.



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