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Bristol Brigand VS838


Crashed at 15 miles south east of Cameron Highland in 11 January 1951. The plane encountered engine problem and one crew member (Sergeant S.V. Hayler) successfully bailed out from the stricken plane and was found alive when he arrived to the ground by other flying crew members.

Rescue team members consisted of Gurkhas patrol reach the site 5 days later and found Sgt Sid Hayler dead due to injuries that he received when he bailed out from the plane. He must be hit the tail plane when bailed out. He was recovered and buried at Cheras Cemetery near Kuala Lumpur. Sergeant Hall and Sergeant Robinson were not found which believed to be killed and crashed together with the plane and their names were list at Terendak Military Cemetery, Malacca.

VS838 crews :-

  • 579267 Sergeant S.V. Hayler
  • 579330 Sergeant K. Hall
  • 309204 Sergeant G.A. Robinson


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