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Valetta WD164


Valetta WD164 which crashed on 26 Sep 53 near Bertam, Gua Musang. The crew of the Valetta were 4 RAF and 4 Army

RAF Crews :

  • Flt Lt L Langley DFM  - Pilot (Battle of Britain Air Gunner)
  • F/Off J A Shillaker  - Navigator
  • F/Off R A Craddock - Navigator
  • Sgt R F De Rosa  - Signaler

RASC Crews :

  • Dvr D A Jones
  • Dvr J C Jones
  • Dvr W Jones
  • Dvr R H Muller
All bodies were found soon after the aircraft crashed 5 miles from Bertram Railway Bridge Near Kuala Lumpur.  They were originally buried in a communal grave in Kota Bahru Cemetery and moved to Ulu Pandan in 1955 and finally to
Kranji in 1975.   At the time the families were given the option of burial in Kranji or the remains being cremated and returned to the families, which is what the family of Flt Lt Shillaker requested.

Thank you Colin Pateman for additional info.


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