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Valetta VX491

Tail Plane
Photos courtesy of Norman Doctor

Main wreckage area being inspected
Photos courtesy of Norman Doctor

Valetta VX491 sortie is to drop leaflets in Cameron Highlands area of Malaya and she went down near Tg Malim on 27 August 1957.

4 crews from 55 Coy RASC Dispatchers were survived but RAF crews were perished in this incident.

In this incident, Dvrs Roe and Moore were injured and stayed behind where Travis and Downes walked out trying to get some help.

On the same day, Paratroopers were parachutes into the crashed site where Roe and Moore were evacuated by helicopters but  Travis and Downes were found 2 days later by helicopters. Both of them were evacuated from the jungle.

MHG will planned to visit the wreck site.

Air Despatchers

  • L/Cpl R A Travis

  • Dvrs A M Downes

  • Dvrs E Roe

  • Dvrs L W Moore

The RAF Valetta crews were :-

  • Flight Sergeant Robert Pound ( Pilot )

  • Master Navigator J A Tucker ( Navigator )

  • Master Signaller Boyatt ( Signaller )


Courtesy of Norman Doctor for the story and photos. You can read more at this link http://www.britains-smallwars.com/malaya/Norman/NWD%201.html

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