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Aviation and Military Archaeology may cover almost any form of research into or collecting of artifacts connected with the history of aviation and military relics.

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Ungkok a/k Jugam Grave - Finally a resting place

Additional research and investigations carried out by MHG together with Army Museum revealed that Lance Corporal Ungkok a/k Jugam who attached to British platoon as a scouts was killed during an ambush near Alor Setar town in February 13th, 1955. Subsequent research found that he was declared killed and missing after the ambush. None of the ambush report ever existed and no one from MoD or Malaysian Army knows more about him.

On the CWGC database mentioned that Lance Corporal Ungkok was killed and buried at Jalan Langgar 5 kilometres north of Alor Setar.

A tombstone was erected near where he was killed and for several decades, the road nearby was widened enough to pose threat to the grave.

With the help of Lieutenant Colonel (Rtd) Robert Rizal Abdullah, it was published into several bloggers, and newspapers. Several meeting taken places with Veteran Affairs Department of the Ministry of Defence to discussed the matters and he suggest that the grave and the remain if found should be recovered and send to nearby Christian Cemetery for proper burial.


Together with Army Museum specialist, MHG were conducting a ground search using a special ground scanner unit to located Ungkok's remains. After a extensive search, we did not found any remains buried in the ground.

A report from the search were send back to the Committee and they agreed that Ungkok's grave tombstone will be relocated.

In Tuesday April 28th, a ceremony were held near Ungkok's tombstone. A traditional Iban “miring” ceremony was also held at Jalan Langgar. The “miring” is a customary Iban ceremony where offerings are presented to the gods. The event was carried out by Iban community members from Sarawak and a relatives of Ungkok were present at the ceremony.

During the ceremony, the tombstone with the earth were recovered and were transferred to Jalan Sultanah Christian cemetery.  Even though his remains was not found, he  was remembered as a fallen heroes of Sarawak Rangers who bravely fought Communist Insurgents and give their lives for peace.


Soldiers from Royal Ranger Regiment with Lt. Col (Rtd) Robert and Ungkok's relatives near Ungkok's tombstone

Finally a resting place for Lance Corporal Ungkok a/k Jugam

A special scanner tools were used.


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