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Aviation and Military Archaeology may cover almost any form of research into or collecting of artifacts connected with the history of aviation and military relics.

If you have any information about any war relics and air wrecks in our country, please send an email to me malayahg@gmail


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Then & Now
Series of composition wartime photos and current photo during the Battle of Malaya and Singapore.
  Based on a Japanese painting that
depicted the attack of Trolak town
  A destroyed Marmon Herrington armoured car near Trolak town
  British equipment and supplies including Bofors and Marmon Herrington that were captured nearby Slim River town
  Australian anti-tank gun in action near Bakri.
  Japanese infantry swarmed through a bungalow near Johor Bahru town.
  Japanese troops crossing a demolished railway bridge near Segamat
  Postwar photo of Yong Peng bridge taken by Australian photographer.
  Japanese cyclists moving south to Singapore near Kulai town.
  Destroyed British 6 inch coastal gun battery near Batu Maung
  Jubilant civilians welcoming British Marines after the Japanese surrendered near Leigh Street/Jalan Penang.
  British 11th Indian Division's Bren carriers passing Alor Star padang.
  Kuala Lumpur  
  Japanese cyclists with flags near Kuala Lumpur
  War bunkers near Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock.
  Japanese soldiers slowly approaching demolished bailey bridge near Leboh Pasar Besar road.
  Japanese soldiers in battle with rear guards of British forces near Jalan Tun HS Lee.
  Delegates of Allied forces and Japanese after the surrender ceremony.
  Indian soldiers guarded Japanese PoWs near Connaught Drive.
  Australian anti-tank gunner near Johore Causeway.
  Japanese tanks passing shops near Orchard Road.


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