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Aviation and Military Archaeology may cover almost any form of research into or collecting of artifacts connected with the history of aviation and military relics.

If you have any information about any war relics and air wrecks in our country, please send an email to me malayahg@gmail


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Post War Places
Fort Betau
Located 40km south of Cameron Highland. It was a small village with 20-30 Semai families scattered around the area and were found by foreigners in 1930s. During 1958/59, Fort Betau was established as a settlement and fort for counter insurgents. Most of the scattered families were relocated. The only way of communication were from Betau River and from air. A small airstrip was constructed and small aircraft like Auster and Single Pioneer can be used.

On October 22, 1967, RMAF Twin Pioneer was crashed killing all crewmembers near Fort Betau.

Now a new road connecting Sungai Koyan and Ringlet run through Fort Betau ( now Pos Betau ) and bringing development to this village which once stood important during the Emergency years.



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