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Aviation and Military Archaeology may cover almost any form of research into or collecting of artifacts connected with the history of aviation and military relics.

If you have any information about any war relics and air wrecks in our country, please send an email to me malayahg@gmail


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  Japanese Anti-Aircraft Gun

One Japanese AA gun found by Army Museum Team which it was lying at the same site 60 years ago

Army Museum team found this AA gun lying at Penang Island. This gun was located in a hill nearby some airfield. We dont know how this gun get there but some folks told us that it was supposed to protect the airfield. From our observation, it was clearly shown that this gun have some good views of all surrounding areas. From the hill, it can fired any low level aircraft which want to bomb or strafed the airfield.

When museum team found the gun, it was broke off from the platform and rolled down 20 metres downhill. So far, some research and site investigation, did not found any relics nearby.

This gun was recovered and send to Army Museum for restoration.



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