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Aviation and Military Archaeology may cover almost any form of research into or collecting of artifacts connected with the history of aviation and military relics.

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Gloster Meteor wreckage


Gloster Meteor F8

Engines 2 Rolls-Royce Derwent of 1590 kg thrust Span 11.33m Length 13.6m Height 3.96m Wing Area 32.5 m2 Weight empty 4846 kg loaded 7122 kg Max Speed at 3,000 m 960 kph Max. Endurance 3 hours Tanks 1910 liters


Gloster Meteor wreckage

This wreckage found buried several feet below ground in palm plantation near Kampung Parit Gantong, Rengit, Johor. From some witness told MHG that the aircraft was crashed in 1967 but the pilot who origin came from Brazil managed to bail out from the stricken aircraft. From that date, everyone from the village know about the incident but after several years lapse, everyone forgot about it. Until it was discovered again by a scrap dealers who was tipped off about the wreck in the palm plantation.

One of the engine buried intact

So far the only numbers found on the parts are part number: 605679 serial number: 12/2725, and MOD number: G 104/527. We hope that someone can shed some lights on the numbers. We tried our best to trace back the registration number of the aircraft and the pilot to be sure about her history and the incident took place here.

MHG also being told that the scrap dealer want to keep this wreck and dont have any intend to sell it as scrap. We hope in future, RMAF Museum do something to recovered the wreck and put it on safe place. So far we don't have any Gloster Meteor example in Malaysia. It was a true rare bird indeed.

Villagers inspect several parts of the recovered engine


Additional info

Mike Davey an aircraft enthusiast and restorer in England, UK told us that this wreckage was actually de-Havilland H Venom aircraft based from the engine fittings which similarity to de-Havilland Ghost engine. - Thank you Mike Davey for your help and assistance

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