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We are dedicated to research, record, document and publicise  Aviation and War History in Malaysia while keeping tabs on the goings on around the world since ancient time till today.

Our task is purely academic and will strive to cooperate with all interested parties on the above subject.

We are sans politics and go about our tasks purely for the love of knowledge and preserving history.

  Our allegiance is to God, King and country.

With our limited resources and receiving no funding from anywhere, we are independent,   going about our task with our own pocket money and time.

On a limited scale, Malaya Historical Group (MHG) strives to be a one-stop-centre on Aviation and War History in Malaysia.


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If you have any information about any war relics and aircraft wrecks in our country, please email me: malayahg@gmail.com

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This lonely beach was a starting point of World War Two in the Pacific and many of the soldiers fighting here were killed and missing and yet, the fighting to save this place still continues even after the war was already ended 64 years ago..

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B-24 Liberator KL654/R

The crews of B-24 Liberator KL654/R finally laid in peace at Commonwealth Grave at Cheras Cemetery in 18 October 2012. In July 2009, their remains were recovered under Joint Expedition Project with Army Museum, MHG and Ed Macy & Clayton Ford ( volunteers from UK ). This project were self funded and half being sponsored my Malaysian Army. Click here for more story

Kru pesawat B-24 Liberator KL654/R selamat disemadikan di tanah perkuburan tentera Komanwel di Cheras pada 18 Oktober 2012. Pada Julai 2009, rangka mereka telah dijumpai dan dikeluarkan hasil daripada Projek Ekspedisi Gabungan bersama Muzium Tentera Darat, MHG dan sukarelawan dari United Kingdom yg terdiri dari Ed Macy dan Clayton Ford. Projek ini adalah dibiayai sendiri dan separuh dibiayai oleh Tentera Darat Malaysia. Klik di sini untk berita lanjut

Dakota KN630

The crews of Dakota KN630 finally laid in peace at Commonwealth Grave at Cheras Cemetery on 15th March 2012. On November 2008, their remains were recovered and after getting through with the authority, relatives and DNA process, they finally reburied with military honours.
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Kru pesawat Dakota KN630 selamat disemadikan di tanah perkuburan tentera Komanwel di Cheras pada 15 Mac 2012. Pada November 2008, rangka mereka telah dijumpai dan dikeluarkan dari dalam hutan. Selepas melalui proses pengecaman dan DNA, mereka akhirnya dikebumikan dengan penuh adat istiadat tentera.

Baling Talks
A short visit to a school which a venue for a peace talks between Communist Party of Malaya and the government of Federation of Malaya

Bristol Sycamore wreckage at Belum Forest
Multi-role helicopter used by British during Emergency was found in the jungle

RNZAF Bristol Freighter wreckage
Additional information related to Royal New Zealand Bristol Freighter aircraft which crashed near Cameron Highland

B-24 Liberator KH326/X

Missing on June 6, 1945, the plane was discovered by Royal Scout Fusiliers in 1955 during the Emergency and this year, we managed to tracked down the wreckage after failed to find it on 2 previous expeditions. [click here-klik di sini ]

Hilang pada 6 Jun 1945, bangkai pesawat ini berjaya ditemui oleh pasukan Royal Scout Fusiliers pada tahun 1955 semasa zaman darurat dan tahun ini, kami berjaya menjejaki bangkai pesawat ini setelah dua ekspedisi gagal menjejakinya.

Roll of Honour
Phyllis Briggs nursing sister at the General Hospital at Alor Star during ww2, being captive in a prisoner of war camp after the fall of Singapore passed away on the September 16th, 2008.

Phylllis Briggs seorang jururawat yang bertugas di Hospital Besar Alor Star semasa perang dunia kedua telah ditawan sebagai tahanan perang selepas kejatuhan Singapura, telah meninggal dunia pada 16 September 2008
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By Arthur Lane

It is only recently that I have come to the conclusion that the words "NO KNOWN GRAVE" is a rather misleading metaphor. Many of these men actually have a grave but are listed as unidentified. The very words NO KNOWN GRAVE seems to indicate to those relatives seeking an answer, that nothing remains of their loved one, when in fact fifty per cent or more of those so listed are actually buried in a military cemetery or other consecrated ground.

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