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We are dedicated to research, record, document and publicise  Aviation and War History in Malaysia while keeping tabs on the goings on around the world since ancient time till today.

Our task is purely academic and will strive to cooperate with all interested parties on the above subject.

We are sans politics and go about our tasks purely for the love of knowledge and preserving history.

  Our allegiance is to God, King and country.

With our limited resources and receiving no funding from anywhere, we are independent,   going about our task with our own pocket money and time.

On a limited scale, Malaya Historical Group (MHG) strives to be a one-stop-centre on Aviation and War History in Malaysia.


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If you have any information about any war relics and aircraft wrecks in our country, please email me: malayahg@gmail.com
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Japanese Kawasaki Ki-48 Lily's wreck which was discovered recently has been fully recovered by Mersing Museum. A special task force team from Mersing together with contractors, took 2 days to recover the wreckage whereby most of the parts were inspected, tagged before being loaded into transport. MHG was delighted to assist the team throughout the initial research and the recovery




Another successful event took place in Kelantan where our group together with KPSM held a mini event to commemorate the 75th year of Japanese landing in Kelantan. A solitary pillbox in Kundor Island was selected for the event where we dug mini trenches, cleaned up the pillbox and created mini reenactment of the battle


On 23rd January, our group revisited the Battle of Muar site where the 45th Indian Division and Australian 8 Division made their stand in Muar. In the battle, the Australian knocked out 8 Japanese tanks where most of the senior officers of the 45th Brigade were killed or wounded. Also, 150 wounded soldiers who were left behind in Parit Sulong were massacred by the Japanese. Two major battle sites were revisited namely Bakri crossroad and Parit Sulong Memorial.


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