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HMS Kudat

Kudat been cut into pieces so that removing could be easy

Her 2 screws can be seen ( click to enlarge )

Kudat's sister ship Raub

This 1,725 grt ship was sunk in December 30, 1941 when she was berthed at Port Swettenhham ( now Port Klang ). She was been attacked and bombed by Japanese dive bombers. 

This ship was a based depot for new "Eureka" fast boat which just been brought from US and supposed to attacked any Japanese landing on the west coast of Malaya. But all of them were sunk or driven ashore by Japanese aircraft. 

Kudat was built in 1914 and owned by Singapore Straits Co. Ltd. where her active duty transporting supplies in Far East. When war broke out, she was enlisted in Royal Navy and renamed HMS Kudat.

She was been put to Perak Flotilla and been stationed with other destroyer and some light ships. She was armed with light automatic guns as armed traders ship.

On December 30, 1941, she was been strafed, caught fire and sunk when berthed near Port Swettenham ( Now Port Klang ). Her light machineguns manned by Auxiliary Merchantmen could not stop Japanese dive bombers from attacking.

For 50 years, she was forgotten and then when authorities want to clean up the Port Klang straits for make a safe and clear journey for ship to berth at Port Klang, she was found and post danger to ship.

On February 1993, for 82 days, she was been removed and send for scrap. Sad to hear that when some of her parts can be saved for museums but no one from museums seems interested with her. Poor old lady.


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