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Westland Dragonfly XB 253

The Flight was VK 4954 VK 5757 Kuala Lipis Betong VK 3854 (site of crash). There were no fatalities caused by the crash.

The wreck was found near Cameron Highlands and it was used as outdoor tourist activities spot.

In June, 2006, MHG visit the site since we heard rumors that the wreck was removed to other places. Currently most of her parts were salvaged.

This aircraft was from third production batch of six Westland Dragonfly Mk 4. Arrived Singapore 8th February 1953. Taken on 194 Squadron strength. 5th March 1953. Crashed in  7th November 1953.

Area of crash: VK 3854

  • Pilot: Flt. Sgt Manson.

  • Passenger: Brigadier Howard.

 The XB 253 was on a communications flight and had flown 1hr 50mins between 09:55 and 14:40 presumed time of the crash.

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