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Dakota KN630

Rear section was lying near a stream

RAF roundels at her starboard wing

Rear tail upside down

Tail section where oxygen tank was found

RAF Dakota KN630 from 52Squadron based in Changi, Singapore took off on the morning August 25, 1950 to drop marker flare on a suspected CT clearing east of Gua Musang for a bombing attack by Lincoln bombers.

En-route she landed at Kota Bharu airfield where Major Proctor, Mr Rentse, a policeman, a malay civilian and a native were waiting. Later she flew east of Kg Jenera and drop a marker flare on a suspected clearing. KN630 make a second pass and believed having an engine trouble and did not cleared the highest ridge where she hit the trees and plunged down into a ravine. All crews and  passengers were perished on the impact.

Subsequent SAR only reach the wreck site after a few days and found out that it is impossible to recovered the bodies due to jungle terrain and CT activities. They decided to buried them near the wreckage.

In July, 2008, one of the brother of Geoffrey contacted Malaysian military officer in London and opening a chapter of forgotten history back to life. During August and October 2008, Malaysian Army with Army Museum took several visit to the wreck site based on the 1950s SAR reports and found the wreck lying near a stream.

On 3rd November 2008, MHG team with Army Museum together with Royal Malaysian Police set a biggest recovery operation project so far to visit the wreck site and recovered the remains. The project was joined also by British Ministry of Defence and Malaysian Ministry of Defence.

It took us several days to reach the wreck site by car and foot. On our investigation, we assumed that the plane was crashed on a vertical dive and the front section was smashed into a stream. 58 years of monsoon climate and weather, the front section was washed away leaving the rear fuselage and starboard wing and 2 engine with her propellers intact.

During the recovery, several bone fragments were found and send for forensic DNA examinations. Some of personal effects also were found.

We hope that some of the KN630 relatives could contact us or Army Museum and hope to speed  up the DNA process.

Air Despatchers

  • Cpl F Bryant

  • Dvr P Taylor

  • Dvr A Wilson

  • Dvr M Goldsmith

The RAF Dakota crews were :-

  • F/Lt Edward Robert Talbot - Pilot

  • Sgt Geoffrey Carpenter - Navigator

  • Sgt Thomas O'Toole DFM - Signaller

Other Passengers :-

  • Major J H Proctor Loyal Regiment

  • Mr A Rentse - Civilian Land Development Officer

  • Muhammad Bin Abdul Jalil - Police Constable

  • Yaacob - Civilian

  • Sakai Tribesman Guide


Police Constable Muhammad Bin Abdul Jalil remains was handed over to his families for proper burial with police honors. His remains was handed over by Army Museum representative to Police for burial. He was buried near his hometown at Bukit Treh, Muar on 6th April, 2011.

We hope others crew members will handed over to the relatives and get a proper burial with honors.

After 4 years since the remains were recovered, the crews of Dakota KN630 were finally laid at Commonwealth Graves at Cheras Cemetery on 15th March 2012. It took several months for the authority and British Government to find the relatives of the crews. On 13th March 2012, a handover ceremony between Malaysian Government and British Representative where remains which kept safely under Malaysian Army Museum, were officially handed back to the British.

From the remains, only 3 people were recognized based from the DNA process. They were :-

a. Despatcher- Cpl F Bryant, RASC (T/22230494)
b. Despatcher- Dvr P Taylor, RASC (T/22200652)
c. PC 9364 Mohammed bin Abdul Lalil@Jalil

The other remains fragments were agreed by the relatives to be buried together in a single grave.

Those present during the ceremony were Dennis and his daughter Christine Considine, Glenwyn Davies, daughter of Thomas O'Toole; Vickie Betsworth and Sheila Tebbett, sisters of Philip Bryant; Paul Taylor, the half-brother of Peter Taylor; Barry Wilson, the brother of Roy Wilson; Margaret Wanstall and Frank Goldsmith, half sister and half brother of Oliver Goldsmith; and Linda Bahnan, daughter of Edward Robert Talbot. Also present was Yaacob's relatives.

After the ceremony, the families were invited to the British High Commissionerís residency, where they were given copies of their loved onesí service records by Royal Air Force Representative, as well as an Elizabeth Cross medal, which recognises their loss and sacrifice.

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