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Bruas DC-3 Serial Number 43-16261


We currently contacting a group from the north Malaysia about this wreck. The wreck still intact and we will visit this site soon for further investigation.

So far there is no human remains found which we believed they were bailed out from the aircraft or we assumed they were successfully crashed landed this aircraft in the jungle due to intact cockpit section but were captured by Communist Terrorist or being killed in the jungle after getting lost.

I contacting several researcher which familiar with DC-3. From the serial number, it was found on the records below :-

*This is a really interesting aircraft.  It disappered on a flight from Singapore to Butterworth on November 27, 1945.  They searched for it until December 16, 1945 and gave up.  The aircraft had three crew members who are shown as "Missing in Action" on the "Tablets of the Missing at Manila American Cemetary"  If their remains have not previously been recovered, they may still be in or around the aircraft. Mike Stowe*

The crew was:- 

  • Pilot: F/O Judson B. Baskett, T-64445, from Texas 

  • Copilot:  1LT William H. Myers, O-796183, from Pennsylvania 

  • Radio Operator: PFC Donald E. Jones, 37484709, from Minnesota.

Thanks Mike for the info.

Updates :

We found this aircraft in 2012 after received several info mentioned that the wreck site was disturbed by loggers and scrap hunters. Two trips were held but the 2nd one we managed to found the wreckage. The wreck located 3300ft from sea level and most of her parts including mid section fuselage were missing due to scrap activities.

We managed to get in touch with the relatives of 43-16261 crew members and they sought out with JPAC ( Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command ) to get in and the recovered the remains. For now, we still waiting for the news.




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