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Bristol Brigand in Kelantan


Crashed near Gunung Gerah, Hulu Kelantan in 6 July 1950  piloted by Flying Officer N.B. Harben when it having difficulties recovered from dive bombing. One of her dive brakes was failed and the plane spin before crashed out of control into flames. It is learnt that her dive brakes were damage from prolonged exposure from heat and RAF ordered all Bristol Brigand not to use the dive brakes after that.

This Brigand came from RAF 45 Squadron. The remains of crews were found and buried near the wreckage due to difficulties bring them out from the dense jungle. They were list in Terendak Military Cemetery, Malacca.

List of crews :-

  • 2238195 Flying Officer N.B. Harben
  • 578681 Sig. III C. Lloyd
  • 578704 Nav. III T.W. Smith

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