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An Armoured Car Mystery

A local people found this mystery armoured car not far from the trunk road connected Kajang town and Kuala Lumpur.

After a few research and investigation, we still did not know the origin and model of this armored car except that it was powered by Austin Engine.

This armoured car was lying buried in a shallow hole not far from a river stream and believed was been abandoned by retreating British soldiers. One of the witness told us that this armoured car was damaged beyond repair and in a hasty retreat to south, Briitish soldiers abandoned it. One local farmers was afraid because this armoured car was lying on his farm and quickly disposed the car into a shallow hole. A simple reason of his action. He afraid that someday, Japanese will accuse him being a British sympathize. That is why he dumped it into a hole.

Nothing was found inside the armored car except of the Austin engine. On the nearby area, we found some debris of lorries equipment like tyres, chassis, fenders, steering wheels and we believed that in ww2, this area could be some army stores or repair yards.

After a quick meeting, the car was recovered and send to Port Dickson for further evaluation and restoration. But we still do not know the exact model of this armoured car. We hope that some of you can identified this car.

On the research, British forces mainly used Marmon Herrington Armoured Car and I don't found this small armoured car related to it. 

Perhaps some field modification which putting some armored plates into some car? Who knows..



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