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Auster VI AOP

Her spinner and most of the intact engine

The team found some id number on the edge of the flaps.

Type Auster VI
Serial No 260 AA
Issue NOD
Serial NO TAY 260AA
25-10-46 CIT

and TAY154 inside a circle and I believed it was some constructor stamping. So far we don't know her exact Army Registration Number.

At least 33 Auster ranging from Auster 6 to Auster 9 were lost in Malaya. Most of Auster was operated by 656 Squadron based in Nobblefield Kuala Lumpur ( Now MINDEF ).

Another report which shocked our mind was another aircraft was found on top of the tree and believed was to be crashed 50 years ago. So Museum Army Team dispatched a small team which took them a whole week just to reach the site.

We suspected that the aircraft must be a light type since it can landed on a tree without injuring the crews. From witness who rescued the pilot told us that the aircraft was 2 crews plane and the pilot managed climbed down from the aircraft and walked several days until he was found by native people and send to Gua Musang town where the authorities give 2 pairs of shotgun to show their grateful of kindest of these native people helping their crews. 

Her instruments panel with her pilot throttle and stick.

The team arrived at the location and found out that the aircraft was not on the tree anymore. It was lying below the tree and the effect of crashing down must damaging most of her frames. The fabrics covering were rooting away leaving the skeleton of metal frames. Most of engine cowling and cover which made of aluminum were intact plus several control surface. The main undercarriage still there minus the rubber tyres. But the tail wheel still intact together with her aileron and rudder control. Her flaps which identical on MkVI still present.

Her instruments panels still intact but most of the meters were damaged. The pilot seat was attached firmly to the frames but the plexiglas was gone. The aircraft was upside  down position and broken on the tail section. The wings still there but minus the fabric covered skin. The spinner still have the red color but the props were missing due to hitting the trees. 

Main large parts in upside down position

Latest information :

This Auster was VF551 from RAF 656Sq piloted by Sergeant E.J Webb and his passenger was Police Cadet J. Underhill. Webb managed to operated his weak radio and send his last position to headquarters and guided by helicopters and other Austers managed to walked out from the jungle aided by native people where he and Underhill were send to Gua Musang town.

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